The universal language of 21-century art erases boundaries in the creation of new forms.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of integration of artistic traditions and new technologies.

Textile art is unique and modern because it integrates all kinds of art!

Ольга Луковська (Львів)

Textile – is not just the material and techniques, it's the sphere of pursuit of appropriate sensual components for the artistic self-expression

Tamila Pecheniuk (Lviv)

We are surrounded with amazing things, just look around.

Uliana Hrynyk (Lviv)

The variety of textile texture unveils new opportunities for the experiments: to combine light fabrics with thick thread, delicate lace and knitted goods... Interesting? For sure!

Anzhelika Holyshkina (Kremenchuk)

To code the idea associatively. From the origin of the idea to its embodiment, each and every stage brings the joy of creation

Liudmyla Bohaichuk (Odesa)

When you say the truth – people will trust you. Both in arts and in life.

Yaroslava Holysh (Mukachevo)

By the combination of techniques and materials, textile art opens up space for dialogue between artists with different artistic backgrounds. The works of graphic artists, painters and designers are presented at the all-Ukrainian online art exhibition of innovative textile.